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Everything Pizzazz wanted was achieved and lost in one night. Her band, The Misfits, won the “New Rock Group” Music Award. Her only competition was Jem and The Holograms. Her rival. The reason she didn’t have a recording contract. The reason why she wasn’t the best known musician in the world.

Pizzazz wanted to beat Jem and be number one. And she did just that. The Award proved it. But why is she so focused? Why all this hate for someone making her second place?

We saw in previous episodes that Pizzazz is rich. Well, her father is rich. Rich enough to by a movie studio and build a record company from scratch. But his relationship with Pizzazz is very poor. They do not communicate and it is pretty clear that Daddy Gabor just threw money at her to keep her quiet. Because of this she can have anything money can by, so long as she annoys her father enough to buy it.

She craves affection and acknowledgement and fought hard to get both. By being a star she is surrounded by fans who love her. By being Number 1, she knows that no other band has as many fans as her, and thus as much love as she receives.

She has the award. This is the happiest she has been.

She goes to the benefit concert to gloat, to let Jem know that she is the best. Of course Jem would be angry and bitter. Of course Jem would know the shame of being second place. No one caring. No longer the one in the spotlight.

But that idea is shattered. She sees Jem. Singing stage in front of hundred of people. These people did not care about the award. These people did not know that Pizzazz won. These people care about other people. They went out of their way to show they cared. In the song, people help people because they want to. Giving and accepting help. Unconditionally.

This strikes at the very core of what she knows to be true and in this moment she is vulnerable and exposed. Pizzazz sees everything she had done and realizes that it didn’t mean what she thought it did. She is frozen, comprehending and not comprehending. What she achieved was fame and fortune and critical acclaim. What was in front of her was love.

And in this moment, nothing she did matters to her anymore. The Award falls from her hand, worthless.


Magical night in Paris 


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I needed to capture this wonderful moment haha.

P.S: I couldn’t help but notice that while everyone freaks out DongJun is so into his own world.

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if i die young bury me in a starfleet uniform

hell if i die old fuckin bury me in a starfleet uniform

If I die, stick me in an empty photon torpedo and launch me at the Genesis Planet.


The Blondes at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015


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Glittery Lipstick 


Sunglasses At Night b/w At The Dance
Corey Hart, EMI America Records/USA (1984) 


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