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Andre is not a happy camper

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These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.

I aint gon du it!


if you can’t beat them, unite with them. form a federation. form the federation. begin starfleet. boldly go with them. oh look now you have a starship. this was the best advice ever

[Musician Henry’s profile

Name: Henry

Individual skill: Performing while playing the violin, challenging new instruments one by one. (!!)

Instrument that I wish to challenge: Korean instruments like the Korean Zither.

Representative song: Trap! But for now, it is Fantastic! (Please give loads of love for Fantastic♥).

Favorite song in this album: 자꾸자꾸(You)! Usually I do not listen much to the songs I made as I am shy, but I will want to keep listing to this song.

Motto: To be a musician who makes the “Life OST” where people will listen to everyday, music that delivers happiness and sadness, and has life stories to them.

Favorite musician: Michael Jackson! I feel like Michael Jackson’s music is the perfect music that one can both see and listen. I really respect him.

Where do you get your ideas for composing music?: My life! The difficulties that I experience in life become the inspiration and indirectly through experiences of other musicians. Also, I usually make music during dawn, many emotional songs are made during this time period.

Habits when making music: I am always thinking of new song ideas. When I have a new melody, I will record it, and while I repeatedly listening to it, new ideas will come up.

Fantastic point of musician Henry: The image of playing instruments, and smile ^-^

Musician Henry is OOO: Musician Henry is a Serious Musician.

Words to fans: I will keep working hard to make better music. Please anticipate more of me!

Music that I wish to do in the future: I wish to do both “Music that can be seen” and “Music that can be listened”. Recently there are many amazing performances that show “Music that can be seen”, but there are also a lot of goods songs that can be listened in the album, please listen to the songs in the album. Not just my album but also albums of other musicians. I will work hard on not only amazing performances but also in making music that is comfortable for listening. (cr)

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Just wanted to let you know one of today's shirts on TeeFury combines both 80's graphic aesthetic and Dr. Doom - goes without saying it reminded me of you~





the reptilians have seized control

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When the bullied becomes the bully ಠ_ಠ


their hands keep returning to the same place (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

shingeki no niel





just so cute!!